Tuesday, 15 January 2008

sale sale sale

With an absolutely hectic end to 2007, 2008 is taking a while to kick into gear. The Vintage Shoppers sold far better than I expected and as a result I'm now totally sold out of them and impatiently waiting for a delivery from India.
On the up side however and in the spirit of the season I've put my Hidden Pattern range on sale for a limited period. You can find these in both my etsy shop and at the lovely on line store All Things Original.


lupinbunny said...

oh, I'm so glad to hear there's more vintage shoppers on their way! I was planning to buy one as a post-Xmas present to me, but there were none left, and I got all worried that you'd discontinued the line or something.
Whew. Relief.

(how much will they be when you get more?)

Valentina Bosso said...

You have lovely things in here!

Kat Eyez said...

This is so amazing with the pleating. I could see numerous types of items made this way! Love the fabric- did you print it yourself?

Lara said...

That hidden pattern idea is _so_ freaking clever. I love it!! nice work :)