Friday, 24 July 2009

studio and purses

Wow, that was a quick week, I can't believe its Friday already. I'm going off on a short holiday next week so gave the studio a quick tidy up before I leave. It ended up looking nice enough for pictures - so here they are, complete with the ever present dog.
New in the shop this week are pouches we've been making from the flipside fabric, these have turned out really well, find them here.


Helen Rawlinson said...

HI there! Just having a Friday nose around blogs and I love your work, especially the little trees and the flipsides! A very big thumbs up from a fellow printer.

emma said...

Hiya! Wow your studio looks amazing, feeling rather envious!! And those pouches are lovely :)


I have always liked your work very much! By the way I am very envious of your studio space!! I want one!!! As the business growth the need for studio as well, wish me luck in finding the right clean, light and cosy space soon!!