Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I thought it was probably about time I introduced you to some new members of the team, some of whom contribute more than others......
First up Bruno!

My wee boy was born 2 weeks late on the 30th of December. It was very kind of him to make sure I could get all the Christmas orders out of the way before making his appearance. He's now three and a half months old and an absolute joy. Everyone takes great pleasure in telling you how much your life is going to change after you have a baby, which is true, but what I wasn't quite prepared for is just how lovely the changes are. I'll try not to gush too much because its not my style and we are only ever a couple of sleepless nights away from revising our opinions but at the moment life is good.
However he isn't leaving me much (or any) time for work so the more productive new member of the showpony team is Jenny. When I asked her for a photo she said it was almost impossible to find one where she wasn't drunk or doing something silly, so I've gone for one of each, I think she looks lovely anyway.
Jenny is a brilliant seamstress, designer and a very enthusiastic assistant. She has been working hard getting orders out, making our products and helping me dream up new designs. She can also be found popping up on our facebook and twitter pages if you fancy saying hia.


Vonnie said...

Not sure who's cuter ;) Lovely to see some photos of Bruno though!

Sarah - Marram Studio said...

Congratulations on the mini addition to the team!