Monday, 11 June 2012

Fabrics - Leaves

Some more new fabrics, this time its leaves. I've printed this design in the same yellow, pink and grey as the seed pod fabrics so that they can be used together. They are for sale online in my etsy shop and on my website. The fat quarters are all around 60 x 40 cm so one piece would be a good size for a cushion cover, bag or any other similarly sized project.
Its miserable and rainy here today but I'm waiting for a very exciting delivery that should brighten up my day no end.


shannon said...

these are so lovely, so fresh and bright. It really makes me wish it wasnt a dull, grey winter here!

(PS. theres a typo on your packaging - the word organic?)

Emma Henderson said...

Shannon, its dull, grey and wintry here despite it actually being summer. Who'd live in this godforsaken country?
Well done spotting the typo, I'm such a looser. Looks like I'll spend the days fixing packaging, re-shooting images and trying to work out how to blame it on my husband (spell checking is his job even if I forget to ask him)