Tuesday, 3 July 2012

a bit about me

I've finally done something I've been putting off for ages... the cringe inducing task of re-writing my about page. It was so overdue for a spruce up it was getting beyond a joke. An about page is usually one of the first places I visit on a new website but the thought of mine was giving me the shivers. I really wanted it to reflect what I love, my inspirations and the story of showpony so I bit the bullet and finally got started, and you know what, once I did it was much easier to write than I thought it was going to be.
Showpony is about fun happy products, I love bright colours and eye catching graphics. I'm also obsessed with products with personality, I'm not talking cute faces or googly eyes. I mean something that you can play with, that will hopefully mean just a little bit more to you than a regular variation, My Yes/No cushions or Hidden Pattern purses are great examples of this.

To me a house becomes a home when its filled with things that you love, for whatever reason. I'm not hugely sentimental but there are still some things in my home that I just can't get rid of, a tatty picture I found at the side of the road, loads of mismatched but beautiful crockery and old blankets I made when I was at school. These all sit alongside some beautiful new pieces that I adore.
I uploaded the new page on Friday and on Saturday I settled down to read the August issue of Elle Decoration UK inside is an interview with Australian interiors stylist Heather Nette King as well as images of her fabulous home. Her philosophy was almost exactly what I'd just been writing about, with quotes such as 'if it makes you heart sing, do it.' Her house is absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful details and a fantastically lived in feel, so bright and happy. So I'm now a bit obsessed, her blog is a really good read and such great eye candy. She's my new favourite person.
Images of her home from an interview with the design files:

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