Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Commemorative Tea Towels

When Michael and I got married we wanted to give our guests something they would remember, or at least find useful. The commemorative tea towel was Michael's brainwave, I did the graphics, we printed them up and gave them out to all our guests on the day. Since then we've not heard the end of it from our friends and family, its still about all they talk about. I mean seriously we had tons of other cool stuff that day but there you go. So to keep them happy its now for sale as a personalised favour in both my Etsy shop and on the website.
Thanks also to the wonderful Vané from Brooklyn Bride for the write up about them.

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Melly said...

Hello! I recently found your lovely blog, and this post inspired me. I recently got engaged, and I've been collection ideas for our far-off wedding. I love fabric, and love the idea of printing up somethign for people - I had originally wanted to embroider something, but I realize that that is unrealistic!

So, I was hoping you could tell me where you got these lovely towels printed?

Thanks so much for your help!