Thursday, 4 March 2010

End of the line

Well not exactly, but it is the end of this particular line. Over the last few months I’ve been working hard to get together a new batch of Vintage Shoppers which should be arriving in the next few months, so its time to clear space for them and sell what I have left. A slight ordering error on the last batch (oops!) means that although I’m almost totally out of 3 of the styles I still have quite a few Beatrices’s left (pictured above). So here’s where you come in, these will now be on sale through my website and in my etsy shop for half price, a whole 50% off. From £12 ($18) to just £6 or ($9). And folks it may sound a bit cheesy but when there gone there gone.

If you really wanted one of the other styles don’t fret, I’ll be digging through my rather extensive pile of seconds and putting them in my etsy shop as often as I can. These will be even less than half price, those with a misprint on one side will are ($7.50) misprints on both sides will practically be given away at ($6) or whatever seams appropriate.

Please, please help me make some space. I’ll tell you more about the new shoppers nearer the time.

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