Friday, 7 January 2011

Hello 2011!

Happy New Year

Feeling refreshed? rejuvenated? reinvigorated?

I keep reading blog posts written by people bursting with energy who can't wait to get started on the new year, making plans and raring to go. But to be honest when I think about how much I've still got to do to get organised for Top Drawer next weekend I could quite happily crawl back into my PJ's and make my way through another batch of mince pies. I have resisted so far and can only say that this first week back has definitely got easier as its gone on.

Things like this really help, I was looking through the analytics on my website and followed a huge spike in visitors to this blog post on Showpony. The Korean to English translation is not particularly helpful but I think its good, well it made me laugh anyway.
It also made me feel pretty nostalgic for my old studio in Govan. My new one is great bigger, cheaper, better equipt... bla bla bla, but its not nearly as pretty. Probably why I've still not posted any pictures of it yet, Kippen's bed however has improved dramatically you'll be pleased to know.

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